A $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis would be an economic engine, and a concrete policy to address some of Minnesota's worst in the nation racial and economic inequities. A recent poll showed a stunning 82% support for a $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis. Our campaign aims to turn this passive support into working people actively organizing the movement to win.

Winning $15/hour would immediately raise wages for over 100,000 workers. Raising the wage floor would boost wages for several thousand workers paid above the minimum wage, and the raise would increase pressure on the rest of the region to follow the lead taken by Minneapolis workers’ victory. Raising the minimum wage to $15 would put $900 million per year back into the pockets of working people from big business, giving workers more to spend immediately in our local communities.

This is why 15 Now, along with low-wage workers and partnering organizations, launched a ballot initiative campaign for $15/hour in 2016. A united movement in working class communities can win, but big business will leverage all their money and power to defeat our initiative.

In 2013, low-wage workers and airport workers in Sea-Tac, a suburb of Seattle which, ran a ballot campaign and won the first $15 minimum wage in the country. The popularity of $15 and the victory for Sea-Tac workers gave a boost to the confidence of workers in nearby Seattle. Within a year, Seattle became the first major city to pass $15/hr. In Minneapolis, the wage boost at MSP airport and local unionized workers fight for $15/hr as a base wage in their contracts, along with fast-food workers strike actions and the recent worker-led victory for sick days, have brought $15 to the forefront in the fight for workers’ rights.

We can win a $15 minimum wage in 2016 -- Get Active Today!