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15 Now Transcript from #Justice4Jamar Unity March, Dec. 19th 2015



On December 19th, around a thousand supporters took to the streets in solidarity with #Justice4Jamar, marching from the 4th precinct in North Minneapolis to the Government Plaza downtown.

The Unity March and Rally was a call to action against police brutality and racial inequities in Minneapolis, calling for officials to release the tapes of Jamar Clark’s murder, for prosecution of the police involved and not through a Grand Jury process (which statistics and recent history show rarely if ever indicts officers or serves justice for victims of police brutality), and for community control of the police department.

Members of Jamar Clark’s family spoke alongside other victims of police brutality in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Representatives from the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, local labor unions (AFSCME 3800), along with 15 Now MN and several other groups, highlighted the inaction of city officials in addressing racial disparities in healthcare, jobs, and education.

Below is a transcript from the speech 15 Now organizer Ginger Jentzen gave outside of Macy’s on Nicollet Mall, after a low-wage worker organizing with the Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha framed the crisis of living on poverty pay.


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